Embracing My Beautiful Body: Beyonce Shares Exciting News in New Ivy Park Ad!

Beyonce caused a frenzy online with her pregnancy reveal that had fans buzzing. Devoted followers of Queen Bey might have already suspected something was up when the 35-year-old singer subtly flaunted a baby bump in a video for her Ivy Park line, just before making the official announcement with husband Jay-Z.

Showing off? Beyonce may have given a hint of her baby bump in a promotional video for her line Ivy Park which was released early Wednesday

Flaunting it? Beyonce possibly revealed her growing belly in a new ad for Ivy Park, her clothing line, that dropped this Wednesday.

Big reveal: The video was posted just hours before the 35-year-old singer's  huge announcement that she was expecting twins with hubby Jay-Z

Exciting news: The video was shared online shortly before the 35-year-old singer surprised everyone with the big reveal that she was pregnant with twins, alongside her husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce was spotted sporting an olive green bodysuit featuring the brand’s logo across the chest. She paired it with a matching windbreaker, briefly showing off her growing belly before pulling the hood up. Her curly blonde hair cascaded over her shoulder, embracing her natural beauty with a touch of complimentary makeup.

Branding: In it Beyonce could be seen wearing an olive green bodysuit with the brand's name emblazoned over the chest

In the branding photos, Beyonce rocked an olive green bodysuit adorned with the logo of the brand across the chest.

Chill mode: She could be seen putting the hood of her matching windbreaker up

Chill mode: She could be seen putting the hood of her matching windbreaker up

Relaxed vibes: She was spotted casually flipping the hood of her coordinating windbreaker over her head.

Pretty in pink: She could also be rocking a pink hoodie from her collection sold at Topshop

Looking cute in pink: She might also be seen looking fabulous in a pink hoodie from the line she sells at Topshop.

As the Bey turns: She was certainly her own best advert

As the Bey turns: She was certainly her own best advert

As the Bey moves: Undoubtedly, she was the perfect representation of herself.

Chill mode: The minute-long clip featured several other models but no doubt Bey was the focus of it for many

Beyoncé was definitely the star of the show in the one-minute clip, even though there were other models featured. It was all about her in this chilled-out moment.

Dark side: She could later be seen on the video in a black and white clip while wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie

In the video, she appeared in a black and white clip, sporting a baseball cap and a hoodie. The clip included various monologues with unseen narrators discussing body positivity. One of the voices could be heard expressing, “I confidently embrace and celebrate the body I have.”

Touching: Throughout the clip there are several monologues featuring unseen narrators talking about body-positivity

In the video, various monologues are presented by unidentified speakers discussing the importance of embracing one’s body and promoting positive self-image.

Opening up: One could be heard saying: 'I’m here and I’m supposed to be here, and I’m proud of the body that I’m in'

Sharing their happiness and love, Beyonce recently took to Instagram to showcase her bump in an intimate photo. In the caption, she expressed gratitude for the blessings of their growing family, stating how proud she is of her body and trusting its capabilities. The message was clear: They are excited for the arrival of not just one, but two new additions.

Where'd it go? The bump was not obvious in promotional images for the clothing line

Where did it disappear to? The noticeable bump seemed to have vanished in the photos used to advertise the new clothing collection.

Sultry: Beyonce posed with the hood of her long windbreaker up

Beyonce looked fierce as she rocked a long windbreaker with the hood up, adding a sultry vibe to her outfit.

Pretty in patterns: She also rocked a patterned mesh jacket for the photoshoot

Looking absolutely fabulous in different patterns, she also flaunted a stylish mesh jacket during the photo session. Adding a touch of magic to the scene, she had a veil gracefully draped over her face with flowers all around her. The iconic Single Ladies singer, who has been keeping a low profile lately, and her rapper husband are proud parents to their five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In a candid moment back in 2013, Beyonce shared about the heartbreaking experience of a miscarriage before welcoming their daughter into the world. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s love story began in the late 1990s, culminating in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2008.

Happy family: Beyonce and rapper/mogul husband Jay-Z are already parents to five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy

Joyful household: Beyonce and her rapper/mogul partner Jay-Z have a beautiful family that includes their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

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